Thursday, 17 February 2011

Smug home educators?

I have had a few minutes being trapped on the computer looking at other peoples blogs.

There are many reasons for home educating our children, most home educators don't have a single reason, though often it seems it may initially appear so.

I found this blog smug home educating bastard from The Smiths list.  It caught my wife's eye so I had to read it!  The text down the right covers a lot of my reasons for avoiding regular schooling.  But not all!
The blog being kept up to date is well worth a read.  Thank you Kay, for doing the hard work of finding excellent blogs to inspire :)


  1. We liked SHEB's reasons for home edding too! Just a shame they've not been on for a while...

    There's also a group of home ed blogs on:

    It's fascinating seeing how others families live, learn & grow. The nice thing is that we all have different approaches & ideas, there's no right or wrong way & no school curriculum to follow. In Cornwall, lots of home edders talk of their kids being "Free Range" or "Home Grown", which is quite a nice thought.

    Have you heard of HESFES? Home Educators Summer Festival:

    It's worth going to, we've been to 10 of them... Great for kids of all ages, lots going on for parents too!

    Kay :)

  2. The hesfes looks really good. Unfortunately we have signed up to The Mother Magazine camp at the same time. It's very extreme so only a once in a lifetime (I hope!) experience for us.

    I like the "Free range" term, sounds proper :)

  3. oh crikey, i feel shifty now. i promise i will finish the year off, i really will.

    um (thinks aloud), perhaps someone should take up the project on a shared site where lots of people can upload their pics plus a single sentence? like home ed round the globe 24 hours that sort of thing. 'fraid i am tech-hopeless for that.