Friday, 26 November 2010

Last day at work

This is the start of my blog, starting at the end of my first life!

After thirteen years providing support to teachers and students, trying to make their use of computers easier and more effective I am making a big change. 

Today is my last day of paid employment for a few years, I hope.  I will now be home educating my children, mainly by playing, I must admit!  And next April we will be spending five months touring the UK volunteering on (mainly) small organic farms, learning new skillsand helping to make low impact agriculture more economically sustainable.  And after that a month in Canada, probably our last flying holiday for a long time.

As well as being an IT Professional, with bits of paper, ID card and pin badge to prove it : ), I am an Environmental Chemist, dry stone waller, certificated chainsaw user who is studying trees and woodland management and learning to carve greenwood.

More importantly I am a big child and looking forward to playing lots with my children and making learning fun, as I think it was when I was young before teachers and teaching were audited beyond any sensible limits.

Time to go to work now!

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