Friday, 26 November 2010

Mixed emotions

My excitement today has been overwhelming, clearly visible on my face all day.  Now the adrenaline has gone, as has daily contact with so many people I have come to respect over the last two years and ten months.  I am totally drained.

But tomorrow new things will start.  I have so many projects to work on in the next few weeks and months I will be busier than I have ever been at work!

Getting our house cleared and ready to be rented is first, and then getting the van storage area prepared for our tour of the UK next year.

Starting off in April we will have a short stay close to home to check we have everything and then down to Cornwall for our first WWOOF farms.

We are trying to volunteer on diverse farms to allow us to try as many different farming systems and techniques as possible.  And that is the main reason for this blog, to document our travels and learnings for friends and family, and anyone else who may want to do similar things.  Five months in the UK will probably not be enough time to see as much as we would like, but we should learn what aspects we like and are comfortable doing if we can get our own smallholding.

One site which has already agreed to host us have home educated children which will be very informative, and we hope to stay with a few other home edders on the way.

Now I am sitting down writing this I can feel my excitement growing slowly.  I have enjoyed my time at NHGS and will miss many people there, but I have a new challenge, and getting to spend so much time with my children whilst they are young and appreciate my presence is something I am really looking forward to.

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