Saturday, 4 December 2010

Battery, chainsaw and sling

My first week of de-working (trying to remove work related stresses and mindsets that most of us have developed) started well.

The van battery seems to empty itself of energy when it gets really cold, so after the AA man got it working on Sunday evening (an extra story for the little one when she was in bed tonight) I went shopping on Monday.

Bought a Halfords Portable Power Pack, which as well as starting your motor also has other features which should be useful as we travel next year.  I have plans to fit a second battery, solar panel and high efficiency fridge in the van, but the Power Pack will get us through winter and be a useful tool next year to keep a laptop or two working.

Then I bought a chainsaw.  A Stihl 211, which should be good enough to allow me to use my chainsaw training whilst WWOOFing next year.  I have some bio-degradable chain oil ordered, which may be expensive but works better and does not hang around messing up your environment.  I found time today to use the saw to get a willow log cut to size for making some long handled spoons.  Every spoon I make I get better and quicker, so hopefully I can get a few made this week.

The snow hasn't been a problem for us.  Not being stupid in the van worked on Monday and Tuesday and the rest of the week the girls enjoyed walking to Heath on Wednesday, and nursery on Thursday.  Of course I had the big sling with me to carry the little one home!

Heath car park, normally full
The school closures made me wonder if many parents were enjoying home educating their youngsters.  Spending extra time with their kids could either be a chore, or fun.  I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to January when I start looking after the big one full time.

Yes, my first week of de-schooling has gone rather well!

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