Thursday, 6 January 2011

Home schooling begins

K has been thinking about home schooling for the last few weeks, as soon as her last day of nursery was over. She has decided that she wants school holidays. Then she said she wanted to learn about countries first. V and I both have sisters living abroad and parents who have worked abroad and travelled. K has taken all that in and wants to know more.  This is my introduction to autonomous learning!  in brief the learner leads their own education.

We have already looked at a very small globe and yesterday bought a Childs atlas, which looks surprisingly good.

For the last few days we have been looking at a Top Gear "where's Stig?" book I got for Christmas. Lots of questions I don't want to answer! But plenty of country questions and clues to find things.

Child driven learning is real full time education, it doesn’t run from 9 till 3 five days a week. It is hard work for me, much harder than going to work, but great fun.  It is so nice spending time with her when she is full of energy and interest.

When V gets home she asks K what she has learned.  So far she has always responded “Not much” or “Nothing”.  And I have to point out everything that she has done, today that included making muffins in the morning.  In the afternoon she told Sue the ingredients and method used.  Fabulous!

At the start of the week K had been saying she wanted to learn about countries, starting with Turkey as we ate at the Turkish bistro in Hebden Bridge last week and my parents worked in Turkey for a couple of years and were showing her some photos.  So I prepared myself and found recipes and other stuff to do.  In the morning she decided she would rather copy some photos.  A former teacher who is home educating said this used to happen to her, and she found it easier now to look online when her son decides what he wants to do.

The wonderful thing is that copying the photos involved so many different things, including counting, reading and hand-eye coordination.  Doing what interests her should be good fun for both of us as well as providing her with a good education.

i wonder what she will want to do tomorrow?


  1. Hi,

    Sounds like you're starting out on an amazing journey!

    We are home educators & ex WWOOF hosts living in Cornwall, though our kids are a lot older than yours. If you need any info regarding home ed meetings, just let us know & we can put you in touch with the right folks.

    Good luck!

    Kay :)

  2. Thanks Kay

    We're spending several weeks in Cornwall and Devon so will take you up on that offer! Will be in touch when I have our diary in front of me.

    My wife has posted on a home ed early years forum so will hopefully get some useful leads there as well.

  3. there's a whole world of home ed blogs out there too - take a look at the yellow box on my blog :)