Friday, 18 March 2011

Big Blue Adventure Van

We now have a working split charge system in the van. Whilst measuring spaces to put a new leisure battery I found an old one! Totally dry, but all the wiring was there. Tony looked at it and found a blown 150A-32V fuse between the relay and leisure battery.  That would take a massive amount of energy to blow, it would be interesting knowing what would do it.  This may have been the cause for our starter battery losing so much charge that it could not start on cold mornings as the Battery-Guard system is now working properly and the van starts first time.

We also have new tyres now, arranged though Big all-terrain tyres to help stop us getting stuck.  K really enjoyed taking photos and video of Ian fitting the tyres.

We will lose some comfort and gain some road noise but Tony is fitting some speakers in the middle for the kids so they can still complain about grown-up radio :)

V has thought of some more changes to the back of the van.  Lucky me!

We have also learnt about keeping spare Pyjamas and bedding close to hand as K was sick in the night and I had to go out to the garage and retrieve a drawer full of spares.  Oops!

It also seems that kiln dried hardwood logs will suck up quite a bit of moisture if left in a cool damp place for a month or two.  Having said that, our wood stove can heat the tent up pretty damn quickly with good wood!

Speaking of which, I should go and split some wood that we never got around to carving and buy some more so we can get the tent warmed through again so we can try camping tonight, or tomorrow.

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  1. You've done a wonderful job improving the back of the van :)
    Both you and Tony have been fabulous at getting it all sorted (especially as I have had to put very little thought into that side of things) and it should be even better than I could hope for. Though I do think its hilarious how happy a set of tires makes you!