Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Living with the In-Laws

Living with the in-laws

So far, so good. We all seem to be getting on well. Even though grandma thinks K should be in school she is being really helpful, even taking part in the home education, or education otherwise, as she has taken her to the Leeds Art Gallery and is hoping to take her to Manchester to see the Tutankhamen exhibit.

K didn't really think much of the paintings but enjoyed the sculptures. I foresee many trips to art galleries and museums in the next six months!

Having put the tent up, but still sleeping in the house, we can try and get layout right. We have slightly adjusted the chimney and have decided to shorten the guy ropes. After much debate about building a camp kitchen a trip to Ikea revealed some lightweight office drawers that do nearly everything we want and need only slight modification.

Ikea may be a huge multi-national, but they do some things right ;)

As this post has taken almost a week to write the grandparents have flown to Egypt now.  I think the girls will really miss them as they have had so much fun.  Hopefully we will be busy and having fun with the people we meet and the time will fly by for the girls.

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