Sunday, 24 April 2011

high expectations

Our travels are going very well so far.  We are leaving our third hosts on Monday and again we have learnt an amazing amount about a wide variety of things.
Each place we go to has so much to give and quite often we feel that we are not able to repay the gift of their knowledge, time and inspiration by the work that we are able to do.
Last week I learnt to use a hedge trimmer and a grass strimmer and felled a 25 foot tree, amongst other things.  But the time talking to John was priceless.  We also learnt that Devon isn’t as warm as you might think.   We were in a frost pocket and had three morning frosts!   Neither is Cornwall, as tonight we nearly took the stove out but it is bitterly cold, so this post will be even shorter than planned.
This week V and I built a wood store and water collector.  I am also getting the hang of splitting wood rounds for firewood after several hours practice.
Splitting wood at Kennal Vale Farm

Natasha has a young Forest Garden and has already learnt so much and was making us aware of things which work and don’t work.  Their two children are also Home Ed and now receive some lessons at home.  This works very well for them and is now something I would consider for the girls, having seen the benefits.
Our first week at Lower Shaw Farm was different to anything I could have imagined.  The feeling of belonging to a family was nearly instantaneous and something we will never forget.
Lunch at Lower Shaw Farm
We now move to Tiverton in Devon, to a very low impact farm.  They say “leave all your expectations behind”.  All I expect is something new and again move on with an open mind.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time. Meeting & working with lots of diverse folks is very inspirational.

    On the home ed front, we have friends whose kids have some lessons at home. They also attend lots of group activities, so are very busy folks. We have never felt the need for this - we just go with the flow, the kids have just done things they're interested in. I suppose for us, home education is just part of our lives & not the main focus. Whereas for others, their lives revolve around home ed activities. Every family has to find their own way & we are all different. The more folks you meet - the more ideas you'll pick out for yourselves.

    Have fun.

    Kay :)

  2. Sounds like it's going just as well for you guys as it is for us. Totally loving this lifestyle and really can't imagine going back to a 'normal life'.

  3. At the moment the girls are growing in self confidence and usually have other adults to question constantly. It is a joy to see!

    V half seriously talked about not going back to work, Nic! We are working out how we could use a caravan for autumn/winter wwoofing in the future :)